Tennis is likely the most popular racket sport in the world. This Olympic sport originates in England where it was played as early as the late 19th century.

In tennis, two opponents both strike a tennis ball with a racket over the net and to the opponent’s playing field. The aim of the game is to strike the ball in such way that it’s impossible for the opponent to strike the ball back. If that will happen, the player will win over the opponent who couldn’t make a strike.

Tennis is often associated with upper-class since it’s a very popular casual sport. However, tennis has found it’s place on a competitive level as well through the Grand Slam tournaments. Tennis is played all over the world and is, of course, still widely popular in English-speaking countries.

Tennis can be a great way of exercising since it’s required to have high agility, precision, stamina, and strength in order to successfully play the game. As the game involves a lot of running, it’s considered to be a great cardiovascular exercise.

Though popular among upper-class, tennis is available for everyone as the equipment is rather cost-friendly. You’ll need only a racket and tennis balls – for that reason, tennis is popular as a nice relaxing entertainment to play with friends on weekends.

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