The idea to form a supporters club was hatched in 1993 during the Isle of Wight Games. The club, which was the first ever founded, now has 150 active members and is still expanding. Officially the club is known as Åland Island Games’ Supporter Club and after having been unique and the first in the world the club has now been joined by another, which was founded on Shetland in 2005.

The club members support Åland’s IGA economically by selling advertising in the local Island Games newspaper and through donations. The club even gives individual financial support to competitors with special requirements however the most valued support given is during the Games when the supporters give strong vocal encouragement to Åland competitors in the various events.

Åland supporters have been present at every Games even though they were not an official organisation until after 1993. A handful of enthusiastic supporters were present at the first Games on the Isle of Man in 1985 and of course the number swelled to a few thousand during the 1991 Games on Åland. To date the largest number of travelling supporters was to Gotland in 1999 when 66 attended and to the Rhodes Games in 2007 about 50 supporters were present excluding those involved with Team Åland.