It’s almost impossible to find someone who wouldn’t know what a slot machine is. When thinking about slot machines, many people visualize a casino floor with flashing lights and machines with fruits and gold coins painted on the elements. All you need to do is pull a lever and you can hope for the luck to be on your side.

Modern slot machines are a lot different though. Almost all online casinos offer hundreds of different slot machines, also called video slots. There’s a reason why the word “video” is emphasized – online slots are essentially like videos where you need to click on the “Spin” button to make the reels roll and land with different symbols showcased.

Beyond that, online slot games have become much more elaborate than in the past thanks to better graphics and more advanced technology. Many slot machines feature video clips and animations to make the gameplay more interesting.

When it comes to the actual topics of slot machines, you can forget about fruits and gold coins. Now you can find a slot machine for almost every possible niche. There are vampire-themed slots, slots based on movies or bands, slots based on fairytales and legends. Some slots have created backstories, plots, and interesting functionalities to increase the entertainment value.

No matter the taste, there’s likely a suitable slot machine out there. You can explore the vast world of online video slots by entering any high-quality online casino where hundreds of slot games await you.

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