Island Games Casino Games and Sports from Åland Islands Tue, 17 Jul 2018 05:13:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bingo Wed, 23 May 2018 10:11:34 +0000 Bingo is often considered to be the most widely known gambling game as bingo has a long history outside the casinos. Bingo nights are more than popular across the United States and it’s safe to say that most European countries are familiar with different bingo versions.

The main principle of bingo is relatively easy (and might be one of the game’s main appeals): players have a bingo ticket or a field with various numbers marked on it. A machine then starts popping out numbered balls, called bingo balls and players will mark down the numbers on their ticket if they had a matching number. Bingo is 100% luck-based as it’s impossible to predict the outcome of the game.

The numbered bingo ticket has a 5×5 field, each column being marked with letters in this order: B-I-N-G-O. The reason for the letters being marked on the ticket is not random either: players may earn their winnings if a certain column or row is filled.

Bingo is also one of the most common casino games, found in almost all full-service online casinos that offer a wide range of games. In an online casino, you clearly won’t have a physical ticket, but the game follows the same pattern as in real life: players get a ticket and can hope for the luck to be on their side while the bingo balls are rolling.

As a chance-based game, bingo can offer a great entertainment and thrill, but a player must also realize there’s no chance to overturn their luck. To play bingo, you simply need to find an online casino that serves bingo games as a part of their game selection.

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Keno Wed, 23 May 2018 10:11:01 +0000 Keno is in many ways very similar to bingo, being also a lottery game that’s entirely based on the game of chance. Keno is one of the oldest lottery games, dating back to the 19th century. Surprisingly, keno originated in China and made its way to the West thanks to Chinese immigrants.

Besides the fascinating history, keno has a rather interesting gameplay. The main point is similar to bingo as the winnings are based on a ball machine rolling out keno balls. However, players can decide their faith a bit more since the player can choose their own numbers and number combinations from 80 numbers. After making the wager, 20 numbered balls are drawn and if the numbers chosen by the player match with the outcome, the player will win.

The actual size of the keno win depends on different factors such as how many numbers matched, what was the size of the wager etc. All casinos and lottery organizers have different rules, so it’s wise to always check the terms prior to wagering.

Keno lotto is available both as a traditional “physical” lottery and in various online casinos. As it’s a game of chance, the house edge can be rather significant in its size and even range up to thirty-five percent.

To play keno, opt for a full-service online casino that offers a variety of lottery games and always make sure you familiarize yourself with the lottery terms before playing.

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Slots Wed, 23 May 2018 10:10:42 +0000 It’s almost impossible to find someone who wouldn’t know what a slot machine is. When thinking about slot machines, many people visualize a casino floor with flashing lights and machines with fruits and gold coins painted on the elements. All you need to do is pull a lever and you can hope for the luck to be on your side.

Modern slot machines are a lot different though. Almost all online casinos offer hundreds of different slot machines, also called video slots. There’s a reason why the word “video” is emphasized – online slots are essentially like videos where you need to click on the “Spin” button to make the reels roll and land with different symbols showcased.

Beyond that, online slot games have become much more elaborate than in the past thanks to better graphics and more advanced technology. Many slot machines feature video clips and animations to make the gameplay more interesting.

When it comes to the actual topics of slot machines, you can forget about fruits and gold coins. Now you can find a slot machine for almost every possible niche. There are vampire-themed slots, slots based on movies or bands, slots based on fairytales and legends. Some slots have created backstories, plots, and interesting functionalities to increase the entertainment value.

No matter the taste, there’s likely a suitable slot machine out there. You can explore the vast world of online video slots by entering any high-quality online casino where hundreds of slot games await you.

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Roulette Wed, 23 May 2018 10:10:20 +0000 Roulette is a well-known casino game that has been portrayed in movies as one of the most thrilling and luxurious casino game. In fact, you can bet that if a casino setting is showcased in a movie, there’s likely a scene with a roulette table.

Roulette originated in France as early as in the 18th century and became popular all across France, soon finding it’s way across the big pond to America. As the game originated in France, you can find several different versions of roulette, named as French roulette, European roulette, and American roulette. French and European roulette are essentially the same whereas American roulette is a bit different in its rules (e.g. there’s a pocket with double-zero).

The reason for roulette’s popularity may lie in its simplicity. Roulette consists of a numbered playing field. Your task is to wager on where the roulette ball with land: will it land on a red or black field, what numeric section will it land on etc. Roulette offers a vast choice of possible bets as you can bet on a combination of numbers, a section of numbers or even just some single numbers.

Roulette is often tied to various strategies that promise the player to win surely when they are using such strategy. Even more, hundreds and thousands of players play roulette according to certain mathematic strategies. However, roulette is a chance-based game that works on the basis of a random number generator, meaning there are no strategies that can predict the outcome accurately.

Roulette can be played in almost any online casino and you can even try your hand in a live-roulette where you can play with a real authentic dealer.

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Badminton Wed, 23 May 2018 09:56:18 +0000 Badminton is a popular racquet sports type where the players hit a shuttlecock across a net, using badminton racquets. Badminton is fairly similar to tennis in that regard, but instead of a tennis ball, a feathered (or plastic) shuttlecock is used. Since badminton doesn’t require a significant exhausting movement, it’s a popular casual sport to play on a beach or in a yard.

Though badminton is very popular as a casual game, it’s also played competitively and is even included in Summer Olympics.

Badminton’s base rules are very simple. The game is usually played by two players, each standing on their side of the field which is divided by a net. Players have to hit the shuttlecock with their racquet just once and ensure the shuttle crossing the net. If the shuttlecock falls to the ground, the player who enabled the shuttle to fall is the losing player.

Playing badminton requires speed, good reflexes, and precision to ensure the shuttle not falling to the ground and going over the net with just one strike. Badminton racquets are very lightweight and striking the shuttle won’t require extensive strength, which is the reason for badminton being popular as a casual sport.

Another perk of badminton is the cost of the equipment: racquets and shuttlecocks are very inexpensive when you only wish to play with your friends to spend some time, so you can relax, have fun and play badminton without a significant cost. If you’re looking for nice relaxing sports, this is the one.

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Basketball Wed, 23 May 2018 09:55:51 +0000 More than 120 years ago, a new intriguing team sport got its start in Springfield. We’re talking about basketball, a game that has now taken over the hearts of sports fans. Basketball is usually played with two teams of five players, but it can easily be played with just two players, one on each side.

The main idea of basketball is to throw a basketball through a hoop that’s mounted to a board located at the end of each side of the playing field. The hoop is usually about 3 meters from the ground, so the game requires both agility and precision to be able to jump and accurately throw the ball through the hoop at the same time.

Basketball scoring system is also fascinating. The points earned from shooting the ball depends on the line at which the player was standing when he threw the ball. There are three-point lines, two-point lines etc and besides that, players can earn free throws, worth one point each, after the opposing team has committed some fouls. The team that scores the highest is the winner.

Basketball is rather fast-paced game since the ball can travel from player to player very fast as players are bouncing the ball while running around the field and trying to get a chance to make a shoot.

The biggest and most important professional league is the National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA. Basketball is equally popular across the whole Europe and it’s played among women as well.

To play basketball, you simply need a ball and a hoop. Since the game is vastly popular, hoops and playing fields are located on playgrounds and other outdoor regions, so everyone can play this game with their friends and have fun.

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Football Wed, 23 May 2018 09:55:25 +0000 Football is almost like a religion. It’s undoubtedly the most popular team sports in the world. By saying “football” though, various different sports might be referred to as there are different versions of this game. In Europe, football is most commonly associated with “soccer” while in America, the American football version might be referred to. So the term “football” itself can have different meanings, depending on the geographic location.

In its essence, football, as it’s name refers, is a game where the ball is kicked with feet to score a goal. Teams of 11 or 18 players run around the field, kicking the ball with their feet and trying to hit the ball to the net that’s placed between goalposts.

Football can be a very fast-paced game. In soccer, it’s common to score just a few goals during the game since both teams can take the ball from the opposite team and start running towards their opponent’s goalposts.

Each football version comes with their own set of goals that can be rather extensive. Football is often played casually with friends, but it’s also known as a competitive team sport to such extent that it could be called one of the world’s most competitive sports types. Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the National Football League, for example, is likely the biggest sports event in the world.

If you don’t feel like playing football yourself, you can also try your hand in football betting which is available in most sports betting casinos.

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Tennis Wed, 23 May 2018 09:55:01 +0000 Tennis is likely the most popular racket sport in the world. This Olympic sport originates in England where it was played as early as the late 19th century.

In tennis, two opponents both strike a tennis ball with a racket over the net and to the opponent’s playing field. The aim of the game is to strike the ball in such way that it’s impossible for the opponent to strike the ball back. If that will happen, the player will win over the opponent who couldn’t make a strike.

Tennis is often associated with upper-class since it’s a very popular casual sport. However, tennis has found it’s place on a competitive level as well through the Grand Slam tournaments. Tennis is played all over the world and is, of course, still widely popular in English-speaking countries.

Tennis can be a great way of exercising since it’s required to have high agility, precision, stamina, and strength in order to successfully play the game. As the game involves a lot of running, it’s considered to be a great cardiovascular exercise.

Though popular among upper-class, tennis is available for everyone as the equipment is rather cost-friendly. You’ll need only a racket and tennis balls – for that reason, tennis is popular as a nice relaxing entertainment to play with friends on weekends.

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Blackjack Wed, 16 May 2018 17:09:01 +0000 Blackjack, also known as 21, is a card game that has a long and interesting history, dating from the 17th century. The game originated in Spanish but has won over players from all over the world thanks to the game’s slightly strategic nature.

In Blackjack, the player plays against the dealer. The goal is simple: you need to get as close to 21 points with your hand’s point value, without busting the hand (i.e. going over 21) and beating the dealer’s hand. All cards are assigned a certain point value, for example, face cards are counted as 10 points and aces can be counted as 1 or 11, depending on the rules.

The game starts with the dealer handing two cards. From there on, it’s the players choice whether to ask more cards to improve their hand or to sit back and continue with their initial two cards. This is where the strategic approach comes to play: surely, the player cannot predict the cards that are being handed to him, but it’s up to the player whether to ask for more cards or stick to the initial ones. This means that Blackjack combines both the luck and logic aspect in itself.

As Blackjack rules are very easy to comprehend, it’s loved by beginners and more advanced players alike. To spice up the experience, it’s possible to enjoy Blackjack even in live-casino format, enabling you to play against a real life dealer. Alternatively, you can play against a computer in any high-quality online casino.

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Volleyball Wed, 16 May 2018 17:00:18 +0000 Volleyball is often portrayed in movies as a fun sport that’s played on a beach during spring break. The ball game which was first played in 1895 has taken the world by storm and is now played all over the world, both as an entertainment and competitively.

Volleyball, in its nature, is a team sport that’s played by teams of 6. Each team is playing on their side of the field, the fields are separated by a net. The aim of the game is to ground the ball on the opposite team’s field by getting the ball over the net. Essentially, the ball has to be hit using your hands back over the net and the ball can never land on the ground. If it does, the team that enabled the ball to land is the losing team.

The game itself starts when one team “serves” the ball by standing on the court’s back line. From there on, the teams cannot drop the ball. Also, the team cannot touch the ball for more than 3 times in a row and one player cannot touch the ball more than twice. This means volleyball can have a very quick gameplay.

Volleyball rules can be pretty extensive, but the biggest faults a team can do are the following:

  • catching the ball or throwing it instead of hitting it;
  • the ball is hit two times in a row by the same player;
  • the ball is touched by the same team four times in a row;
  • the ball touches the net;
  • the person who is serving the ball crosses the boundary line with his foot.

Volleyball is also popular as a sports betting type, enabling volleyball fans to bet on their favorite volleyball teams and their matches.

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