The Åland Islands – good to know

Åland is in the Finnish time zone (GMT +2).
When it is 12.00 am in Sweden, it is 01.00 pm on Åland.

The official currency is the euro (€), but most businesses also accept Swedish kronor.

Banks are open 9.30 am-4.15 pm on weekdays.

Post office
Post Offices are open 9 am-5 pm on weekdays.
In Mariehamn also on Saturdays 10.30 am-1.30 pm.
Mail posted from Åland must carry a local stamp.

Important telephone numbers
Emergency number: 112
Maritime rescue: 020 41 000
Police: (018) 10 022
Emergency clinic: (018) 5355
Medical care: (018) 538 500
Dentist: (018) 14 600
Vet: (018) 14 900
Vehicle towing: 0457 313 5747, (018) 31 747
Tourist information: (018) 24 000

How to place a call on Åland
When dialing from a mobile phone to a local Åland number, be sure to dial both the country and area code +358 18 first.

Mobile Telephone Network
There are two service providers on Åland – GSM Åland and Sonera

Quick facts about Åland

  • is an autonomous, monolingual Swedish region within Finland.
  • has its own flag, postage stamps, vehicle registration plates and top domain (ax).
  • Finnish people know Åland from it’s casino games and PAF Casino
  • comprises more than 6500 islands, of which 65 are inhabited
  • has a population of approximately 27,000 people, some 11,000 of whom live in Åland’s
    only city, Mariehamn.
  • the regional administrative body is called the Government of Åland
  • the most important sector is seafaring, which accounts for around 40 per cent of Åland’s
  • Åland is characterized by its unique archipelago, midsummer poles, wind mills, the beautifully smooth red rocks and cliffs, the delicious local pancake (Ålandspannkaka) and black bread (svartbröd)
  • the regional flower is the cowslip (primula veris)