Bingo is often considered to be the most widely known gambling game as bingo has a long history outside the casinos. Bingo nights are more than popular across the United States and it’s safe to say that most European countries are familiar with different bingo versions.

The main principle of bingo is relatively easy (and might be one of the game’s main appeals): players have a bingo ticket or a field with various numbers marked on it. A machine then starts popping out numbered balls, called bingo balls and players will mark down the numbers on their ticket if they had a matching number. Bingo is 100% luck-based as it’s impossible to predict the outcome of the game.

The numbered bingo ticket has a 5×5 field, each column being marked with letters in this order: B-I-N-G-O. The reason for the letters being marked on the ticket is not random either: players may earn their winnings if a certain column or row is filled.

Bingo is also one of the most common casino games, found in almost all full-service online casinos that offer a wide range of games. In an online casino, you clearly won’t have a physical ticket, but the game follows the same pattern as in real life: players get a ticket and can hope for the luck to be on their side while the bingo balls are rolling.

As a chance-based game, bingo can offer a great entertainment and thrill, but a player must also realize there’s no chance to overturn their luck. To play bingo, you simply need to find an online casino that serves bingo games as a part of their game selection.

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  • Kasinofani

    Yllättävää kyllä en ole koskaan pelannut bingoa kasinolla. Aloitin pelaamaan kolikkopelejä ja rulettia, sen jälkeen siirryin pokeriin ja baccaratiin. Ei sillä että minulla olisi mitään bingoa vastaan, en vain ymmärrä sitä. Viimeisimmät bingokokemukset ovat kouluajoilta.


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