More than 120 years ago, a new intriguing team sport got its start in Springfield. We’re talking about basketball, a game that has now taken over the hearts of sports fans. Basketball is usually played with two teams of five players, but it can easily be played with just two players, one on each side.

The main idea of basketball is to throw a basketball through a hoop that’s mounted to a board located at the end of each side of the playing field. The hoop is usually about 3 meters from the ground, so the game requires both agility and precision to be able to jump and accurately throw the ball through the hoop at the same time.

Basketball scoring system is also fascinating. The points earned from shooting the ball depends on the line at which the player was standing when he threw the ball. There are three-point lines, two-point lines etc and besides that, players can earn free throws, worth one point each, after the opposing team has committed some fouls. The team that scores the highest is the winner.

Basketball is rather fast-paced game since the ball can travel from player to player very fast as players are bouncing the ball while running around the field and trying to get a chance to make a shoot.

The biggest and most important professional league is the National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA. Basketball is equally popular across the whole Europe and it’s played among women as well.

To play basketball, you simply need a ball and a hoop. Since the game is vastly popular, hoops and playing fields are located on playgrounds and other outdoor regions, so everyone can play this game with their friends and have fun.

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