Badminton is a popular racquet sports type where the players hit a shuttlecock across a net, using badminton racquets. Badminton is fairly similar to tennis in that regard, but instead of a tennis ball, a feathered (or plastic) shuttlecock is used. Since badminton doesn’t require a significant exhausting movement, it’s a popular casual sport to play on a beach or in a yard.

Though badminton is very popular as a casual game, it’s also played competitively and is even included in Summer Olympics.

Badminton’s base rules are very simple. The game is usually played by two players, each standing on their side of the field which is divided by a net. Players have to hit the shuttlecock with their racquet just once and ensure the shuttle crossing the net. If the shuttlecock falls to the ground, the player who enabled the shuttle to fall is the losing player.

Playing badminton requires speed, good reflexes, and precision to ensure the shuttle not falling to the ground and going over the net with just one strike. Badminton racquets are very lightweight and striking the shuttle won’t require extensive strength, which is the reason for badminton being popular as a casual sport.

Another perk of badminton is the cost of the equipment: racquets and shuttlecocks are very inexpensive when you only wish to play with your friends to spend some time, so you can relax, have fun and play badminton without a significant cost. If you’re looking for nice relaxing sports, this is the one.

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